28 Amazing Quotes from Sanosuke Sagara of Rurouni Kenshin

Manga Quotes from Sanosuke Sagara

Oh well, I guess all those who are in love do crazy things.

Sanosuke Sagara Quotes
Live Action Movie Quotes from Sanosuke Sagara

Hey, I’ll have you know that I almost really did kick the bucket during that training, so don’t you dare sum it all up in one word, even if it is a nice one like “potential”.

Love and selfishness kinda go hand in hand, don’t they?

[To Kaoru] Yeah (I am going), but I’ll try not to make it goodbye for good. Make a kid or two with Kenshin, and show them to me next time we meet.

[To Shishio] Eating the weak so that you’ll be on the top of the food chain, just because you’re the strongest? Kenshin isn’t using the weak as food to feed his power like you are. He’s willing to protect their happiness and become food for their power.

[To Shishio] Eating the weak so that you’ll be on the top of the food chain, just because you’re the strongest? Kenshin isn’t using the weak as food to feed his power like you are. He’s willing to protect their happiness and become food for their power.

A true fight isn’t like a sword duel. The better swordsman doesn’t always win. The winner is the one who remains standing!

Dad, I’m buying your fight! The Ishin Shishi…they aren’t your enemy. They are mine, from ten years ago…the enemy of the one who wears the mark of evil on his back.

[When asked to pay for a restaurant tab] Kinda academic, isn’t it? You know I’ll never pay.

I can’t lose….not…to the men who made Captain Sagara and the Sekiho army bear the evil mark of “aku” (evil/bad).

I can’t stand the sound of a fat toad croaking in his little pond, any longer.

I’ll give you some advice from my experience, “mastered” or “mastery” is not something you can claim so lightly. You should tone down your stupidity and conceit, or you’ll suffer more than just a light burn.

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine.

Aren’t there any good tough guys left anymore?

I am the only man… Who can fight alongside Kenshin!

You guys are so weak. If I were to fight you I’d be oppressing the weak. Here, I’ll fight you with one hand.

I wouldn’t mind picking a fight for a change. Usually, I don’t have any choice about who I fight with, but I can’t stand watching people abuse those weaker than them. Something about that sort of bugs me. Especially when it’s a bunch of hypocrites talking about the virtues of freedom and justice for all. That really pisses me off.

Manga Quotes from Sanosuke Sagara
Sanosuke Sagara and His Sword, Zanbataou

Don’t get me wrong, Kenshin, that doesn’t mean I can let you die here. Yahiko and the Missie really need you around. I mean, it’s not just those two. There are a lot of people in Japan right now who need a guy like you around. And, I don’t care if people call me a liar or a cheater, if I think things aren’t going well, I’ll use the strongest Futae no Kiwami I’ve got and I’m gonna help you! As long as there are people who need you, I, Sanosuke, will risk my life and limb to make sure you don’t die!

[To Shishio] I don’t give a damn about my life. But, if I have to die, I sure ain’t going alone! I’ll be dragging you all the way down to hell with me!

[About Kenshin] Give him a sword and he’s unstoppable, but give him a bail of rice and he’s just an ordinary guy.

Though, what’s stronger than the power of money is… Hitokiri Battousai-sama.

Children and women shouldn’t witness the savage reality of two men fighting for their lives.

She’s so selfish! But we can’t blame her. People who think they’re in love act selfish.

He’s not just stronger than me. He’s on a completely different level. I can’t beat him.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I’m not Zanza anymore. I don’t have the zanbatou, and I stopped being a street fighter. Now I’m just the fighting idiot Sagara Sanosuke. Like you’re not Hitokiri Battousai. So don’t go off wandering without checking with me first. Got that, Kenshin?

[Talking about Kaoru’s awful cooking] It’s no good at all. Girl, you’ve got to take some cooking lessons. I could teach you to do better than this. How do you take this day after day, Kenshin?

Hey, captain (Sagara). We’re all going to be equal in the new age right? I can have a real last name even though I’m just a farmer’s kid? Then my name’s going to be Sagara!

I told you not to underestimate me!!!

Alright, I’ll take you on. I’ll ask who you are with these fists! [he punches Saito] Sorry, I got serious here.

25 Life and Love Quotes from Kenshin Himura

Anime and Manga Quotes from Kenshin Himura

Life Quotes from Kenshin Himura

You can die anytime, but living takes true courage.

Helping other people is the best way to make up for your mistakes.

The scar of my past will determine my future!

You can use whatever technique you like, but now that I said I will kill you… your death tonight has been assured.

You will not touch these innocent people with even one inch of your dirty blades, if you require an opponent, I will fight you. If you wanna taste the ground, feel free to attack me.

You will not touch these innocent people with even one inch of your dirty blades, if you require an opponent, I will fight you. If you wanna taste the ground, feel free to attack me.

New eras don’t come about because of swords, they’re created by the people who wield them.

I want you to understand something. If you should lose, not only does your future end, but also the future of the one you are trying to protect. Defeat isn’t an option for the sword that protects others. You should keep that thought engraved in your heart.

We shouldn’t blame ourselves for bad things that happened to us. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we are victims of the circumstances. We should just have to pull ourselves out.

The dead don’t desire revenge, but the happiness of the living.

Accepting one’s own strength, and the strength of others, is an important quality of a swordsman.

If fighting could provide us with the truth, nobody would make any mistakes in their lives. A person’s life is not that easy. The truth you must learn from yourself, from how you live your life.

We once fought together for an ideal with our swords. It wasn’t for power or for glory, but to create a peaceful world where people could live without fear. And if you should forget about that, then what did we fight the revolution for?

I have no attachment to the name Hitokiri Battousai. Just the same, I can’t allow someone like you to wear it.

A manslayer is a manslayer… until the day he dies.

Kenshin Himura the Manslayer
Life Quotes from Kenshin Himura

You believe that the strong exist to cull the weak. To use them as food. But you are mistaken… The strong exist, not to feed off of the weak, but to protect them!

When I was at the brink of life and death, I used all of my will to survive. I drew upon a different power than that of self-sacrifice and mastered an ultimate technique. The will to live is stronger than anything else. That was the ray of light that my master risked his life to show me. As Hitokiri Battousai, I have committed so many crimes that I cannot possibly repent for them. That is why I had secretly believed that it didn’t matter when I died or was killed. However, now… even if I am formally punished or restrained. I will never lose the will to live.

When one person kills, resentment is born. That resentment makes a person kill again. To sever that vicious cycle–that is the purpose of this sword that cannot kill.

Love Quotes from Kenshin Himura

Perhaps the distant part of the sky always seems clearest, so that we will always strive to reach it.

The moment you find the courage to give up your life for someone… Would be the moment you understand love.

In this world of memories, there’s no need for strangers.

Kenshin Himura Quotes about Love
Love Quotes from Live Action Movie Rurouni Kenshin

What is truly good about a person can’t be expressed in words, that it can not. What matters is the feeling of trust one gets after spending time with him.

I will bear your pain for you now, and find a path of repentance.

A sword is a weapon. The art of swordsmanship is learning how to kill. What Miss Kaoru says is sweet and innocent talk that only those whose hands have never been stained with the blood of men can believe. But, to tell you the truth, I much prefer Miss Kaoru’s sweet and innocent talk over the truth. Indeed I do!

You’ll only realize that you truly love someone if they already caused you enormous pain. Your enemies can never hurt you the way your loved ones can. It’s the people close to your heart that can give you the most piercing wound. Love is a double-edged sword, it can heal the wound faster or it can sink the blade even deeper.

33 Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Quotes from Eren Jaeger

Attack on Titan Inspirational Quotes

What is the point if those with the means and power do not fight?

I don’t have time to worry if it’s right or wrong, you can’t hope for a horror story with a happy ending!

Nothing can suppress a human’s curiosity.

No matter how messed up things get, you can always figure out the best solution.

[Referring to a group of thugs] I disposed of some dangerous beasts. Mere animals that just happened to resemble humans.

I’m not gonna die here…

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.

Attack on Titan Anime Quotes
Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Quotes from Eren Jaeger

If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?

I’ll kill every last one of them and break free of these walls!

[To Hannes] You’re drinking again? Uhm… Aren’t you on duty? But if you’re drunk, how are you gonna fight? When they (the titans) break the wall and come in!

I want to see and understand the world outside. I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there! On top of that, if no one takes on their jobs, then those who lost their lives will have died in vain!

[To Hannes] Why don’t you stop calling yourselves The Town Guards and call yourselves The Wall Menders!

Yeah, I know. We might not get out, but we’ll live as long as we can eat and sleep. But… We’re living like… Like livestock…

Stupid? People who are content living like livestock are more stupid!

I can never go back to that home. Why? Why did I spend my last hours there having stupid fights?

Because I am… because humans are weak… do weaklings have no alternative but to cry?

I’ve made it here at last. It’s humanity’s turn now. This time around…mankind will feast upon the Titans!

I did it! How’s that, Mikasa? I can do this! I can fight the Titans! I don’t need to have you looking after me anymore!

Knock it off! Mankind is on the verge of ruin! How can you be trying to make this situation convenient for yourself?

Armin…because you told me about it… I’m going to go…to the outside world.

What are you going to do if the ones with the strength don’t fight for you?

Why did I choose to stand by and watch my comrades be killed? Wait… I know. It’s because I wanted new comrades. Sincere support… like I had when I was with them [the 104th training squad]. I’ve already had enough. I’ve had enough of being treated like a monster and being left out. No more. That’s why. I just wanted to believe that trusting my comrades is the right thing to do.

There’s no time to figure out if this the right thing to do! Just move… Don’t try to keep your hands clean. That’s right, the world is cruel.

We’re born free. All of us. Free. Some don’t believe it, some try to take it away. To hell with them! Water like fire, mountains of ice, the whole bit. Lay your eyes on that, and you’ll know what freedom is, that it’s worth fighting for! Fight to live, risk it all for even a glimmer of real freedom! It doesn’t matter what’s waiting outside the gate, or what comes in! It doesn’t matter how cruel the world can be, or how unjust! Fight. Fight. Fight. FIGHT! FIGHT!!!

How come you get looked down upon just for saying you want to go outside?

Why is it that, in the end, all we could do was having those worthless fights?

I will wipe the Titans out and leave the confined walls to explore the outside world.

If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!

Eren Jaeger Motivational Quotes
If you DON’T FIGHT, You can’t Win!

You don’t get it. You’ve never seen it! The way they eat people!

I’m not like those wall-sheltered pigs, pretending to be tough!

Aren’t you frustrated?! We can’t beat the titans if we’re living on fucking charity!

Actually, the titans are no big deal. Once we learn how to operate the 3 dimensional maneuver gear, they’ll be no match for us!

I believed that I must kill them all… That I must annihilate all the titans myself. That’s what I believed.

28 Death Note Manga and Anime Quotes from Yagami Light (Kira)

Yagami Light is Kira

This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die. Even if it means sacrificing my own mind and soul, it’s worth it. Because the world… can’t go on like this. I wonder… what if someone else had picked up this notebook? Is there anyone out there other than me who’d be willing to eliminate the vermin from the world? If I don’t do it, then who will? That’s just it: there’s no one. But I can do it. In fact, I’m the only one who can. I’ll do it. Using the Death Note, I’ll change the world.

Yagami Light is The Bad Guy in Death Note
Yagami Light Quotes about His Destiny

I’ll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I’ll take a potato chip…and eat it!

Light: At first I wrote the names of the worst criminals I could think of, like I was cleaning up the world one name at a time, so that eventually no one will ever do anything evil again. And while the truly guilty ones who deserve to be punished for their crimes die of heart attacks, the people who are less guilty but who still make trouble for others will slowly be erased through disease and accidental death. Then and only then the world will start moving in the right direction. It’ll be new world free of injustice and populated by people who I’ve judged to be honest, kind, and hardworking.
Ryuk: But if you did that, it’d make you the only bad person left.
Light: Huh? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a hardworking honors student who’s considered to be one of Japan’s best and brightest. And I… I will become the God of this new world.

I’m going to change the world.

I’ll make you trust me. And when you’ve told me everything I need to know, I’ll kill you.

I’ll make you trust me. And when you’ve told me everything I need to know, I’ll kill you.

You can’t ever win if you’re always on the defensive. To win, you have to attack.

I’ve never considered finding that notebook and gaining that power a misfortune.

Only I could do it! I was well aware that killing people is crime in itself! Yet at that point it was the only way to make things right! I thought to myself that someday people will come to realize this as much, and regard it as an act of justice! I had no choice but to act as Kira… it was the destiny given to me. I was chosen to renew this rotten world, to bring about true peace – a utopia.

I must protect my fledging Utopia.

The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people’s good will.

For murderers, there is no good or evil. I know that.

In every world, the gods always make the rules. You will fall before my fake rules and, for the sin of going against the new world’s God, die.

I’ll make you regret underestimating L… underestimating me.

I’ll need to appear full of confidence if I’m to take advantage of him.

In the end, L is indeed the greatest detective on Earth…

No matter what the world, the God of that world creates the rules.

Our battle will be concluded, and I will begin my reign from the summit of victory!

Just as I thought. Without L, this is too easy.

Light: Near, try to escape from that place now.
Near: How dare you say that, when you are Kira.
Light: W—what… Why are you still saying such a thing?

Look around you, and all you see are people the world would be better off without.

Death Note can be used by Humans
Yagami Light Quotes About The World

In this world, there are very few people who actually trust each other.

Humans aren’t made perfectly. Everyone lies. Even so… I’ve been careful not to tell lies that hurt others.

Under normal circumstances, humans should have continued to evolve as the greatest creatures upon this earth, but we were actually regressing. A rotten world. Politics, law, education… Was there anybody around who could correct this world? But someone had to do it.

I have a mind of a genius and a strong sense of justice.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve been provoked to hit a woman.

I came to exterminate the vermin of this world!

I can’t develop feelings. That’s how most idiots screw up.

This world is still rotten!.. With too many rotten people.

34 Smart Quotes from L (Death Note), The World’s Greatest Detective

If you use your head, you can eat sweets without gaining weight.

L is the World's Greatest Detective
L Quotes about Eating Sweets and Cakes

Learn to treasure your life because unfortunately, it can be taken away from you anytime.

I haven’t said anything about letting them commit murder…yet.

Actually, if you’re smart, you can eat sweets without gaining weight.

Risking your life and doing something that could easily rob you of your life are exact opposites.

Risking your life and doing something that could easily rob you of your life are exact opposites.

This isn’t divine jugdement. It’s the work of some childish killer who’s playing at divine retribution. That’s all.

It’s not a sense of justice. Figuring out difficult cases is my hobby. If you measured good and evil deeds by current laws, I would be responsible for many crimes. The same way you all like to solve mysteries and riddles, or clear video games more quickly. For me too, it’s simply prolonging something I enjoy doing. That’s why I only take on cases that pique my interest. It’s not justice at all. And if it means being able to clear a case, I don’t play fair, I’m a dishonest, cheating human being who hates losing.

Sometimes, the questions are complicated – and the answers are simple.

Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.

I don’t sit like this because I want to. I have to sit like this. If I were to sit normally, my deductive skills will immediately be reduced by roughly 40%.

Why are you staring at me? Are you annoyed that I am the only one who has cake?

I have two rules: First, I’m never wrong. Second, if I’m wrong… back to the first rule.

Hmmm… Yes, (a world without Yagami Light) it would be dark!

There are… many types of monsters in this world: Monsters who will not show themselves and who cause trouble; monsters who abduct children; monsters who devour dreams; monsters who suck blood, and… monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance. They are much more cunning than other monsters. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart. They eat even though they’ve never experienced hunger. They study even though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster.

Let’s show him…that the good guys always win.

Kira is childish and he hates losing… I’m also childish and hate losing. That’s how I know.

L and Kira are Deathnote's Characters
L Quote About Kira

Let’s value our lives.

No matter how gifted you are… You, alone, cannot change the world.

If I sit like a normal person my investigative abilities are only working at 50% efficiency.

He, who attacks first, always wins.

I won’t be satisfied unless you’re Kira? That may be true… I just realized… I wanted you (Yagami Light) to be Kira.

It’s alright. The detective known as Eraldo Coil is me. Three of the world’s greatest detectives, L, Coil, Deneuve… are all me. Those who try to find me usually fall for this. I’ll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret.

Tell me Light, from the moment you were born, has there ever been a time where you’ve actually told the truth?

L is Chasing Kira
L Quotes about Yagami Light

Light-kun is my only friend.

If you don’t get serious about this…I’ll kick you.

Will you be eating that cake?…say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.

Coincidence? No, too convenient. This can only mean that Kira has access to police information. It’s obvious now, this is a direct challenge to me.

I just find (phones) distracting. I can’t stand when people’s cell phones are ringing when I’m trying to talk.

As long as it doesn’t kill me, college is a lot of fun.

I have no idea what’s going on.

Just because I am alone, does not mean I am lonely. I am not you.

I too have sacrificed lives. But I cannot abandon this life in front of me.

Besides, as long as we’re handcuffed together, you and I share the same fate. If I die, so will you. If that happens, Misa would be the one who grieves most of all. Either we lose and die together or we successfully catch Kira.

But we’re running out of time. And I’m starting to get desperate. As for Misa Amane, I’ve turned to her because I know her bravery and love for you is boundless.

29 Inspirational Quotes from Copy Ninja Kakashi

Kakashi Quotes to His Enemies

“The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It’s one of the never-ending cycles in life.”

“To abandon your duty is not courageous. Below the courageous, there is nothing. Those are the previous Hokage’s words.”

“Those who break the rules are scums… but those who abandon their friends are worse than scums.”

Inspirational Quotes from Hatake Kakashi
Kakashi Quotes to Obito

“Talking about the lighting blade, I will show you my own move.”

“[To Pain] The people from this village are different from your average village. Even if it means dying, there’s not a single one of us, who would sell out a comrade.”

“[To Pain] The people from this village are different from your average village. Even if it means dying, there’s not a single one of us, who would sell out a comrade.”

Kakashi Quotes to His Friends

“(Whenever Might Guy rambles, especially if it’s about Lee) …I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“I don’t know what this boy means to you, Guy, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that we never bring our personal feelings into play. I didn’t think you were capable of it.”

“Guy…what I said earlier…I was out of line. I was being a self-righteous fool. I realize now that if I’d been in your shoes, I probably couldn’t have stopped him, either.”

“This place makes me think about the mistakes I’ve made in the past…and I’ve made so many of them.”

“[To Iruka] You can not open the mind of another if you don’t have an open mind yourselves.”

Kakashi Quotes to His Students

“Sorry I’m late. You wouldn’t believe the traffic.”

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late, I’m afraid I got lost on the path of life.”

“[Regarding Sasuke] They say that the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered down.”

“[Thinking] If I’m still sane by the time I finish their training it’ll be a miracle!”

“I won’t allow my comrades to die. I’ll protect you with my life. Trust me.”

“Don’t look away…When you live like a Shinobi, this is how it ends.”

“A ninja must see underneath the underneath.”

“Naruto, it’s nice that you removed the poison so spiritedly, but you’ll bleed to death if you lose any more… seriously.”

“Stupid excuse! but have a deep meaning…”

“Hatred takes you to feel angry not only to guilty persons of your pain.”

“In society, those who don’t have many abilities tend to complain more.”

Why Are People Complaining? Because They Have Less Abilities
Those Who Don’t Have Abilities…

“I’m telling you this because you don’t get it, which isn’t the same as actually getting it. Get it?”

“Let it go, you’ve got to forget about revenge. Believe me, in this work I’ve met a lot of guys who feel the way you do. Trust me, for those who follow the path of revenge, it never ends well. You’ll only tear yourself apart and even if you succeed with your revenge, what would you have then…nothing, emptiness.”

“[To Sasuke] I’ve been around longer than you have kid. And I’ve had many share of troubles. You are not the only one who knows how it feels to lose somebody. So, it looks like neither of us have lived a charmed live exactly, have we? Still, we’re not all that bad off. At least you and I have been lucky to find new comrades to feel the void. Anyway, I do know you feel.

“You can’t kill the client, Naruto. It doesn’t work that way.”

“[Talking about Naruto] He’s always trying his best to get people to acknowledge him…for that dream, he’d risk his life at anytime…he’s probably sick and tired of crying, he knows what it really means to be strong.”

“Sasuke, I don’t like to repeat myself, but I’ll say this one more time, you must forget about revenge.”

“Sasuke, you are more than just your clan, you are more than just hatred. Look deep inside your heart once more.”

“[When his students treat him to ramen to get him to remove his mask] Maybe it will snow…no! Or are you guys hiding something?”

24 Alphonse Elric Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Quotes, The Armored Alchemist

Alphonse Elric FMA Anime Quotes about Alchemy and Equivalent Exchange

alphonse Elric FMA anime quotes about equivalent exchange
Quotes from alphonse Elric, about equivalent exchange

It’s true, I don’t have a body, but I’m here. This is my punishment for setting foot on holy ground where mortals are forbidden. We made a mistake, Rose, and we’re paying for it.

This body comes with many inconveniences. But inconveniences don’t make me miserable! There is no reason for you to pity me! My life was put back together with alchemy by my brother. If I deny myself, that would mean I’m denying my brother, along with alchemy. I believe in the potential that alchemy holds. I want to believe in it!

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only, truth.

We became absorbed in the science that made you feel like you were magic.

Survival is the only way, Ed. Live on and learn more about alchemy!

Survival is the only way, Ed. Live on and learn more about alchemy!

That’s NOT how we do things! Live, and be content while we can. Live to research more alchemy, so one day we can get our bodies back. THAT’S how we do things, brother. Dying, and dying by yourself, and leaving me on my own, that’s something I WON’T let you do!

It’s science. We’re alchemists.

Alchemy can give us all sorts of abilities… This is one of mine.

Alphonse Elric FMA Anime Quotes, Al being The Armored Alchemist

alphonse Elric FMA anime quotes being armored alchemist
Quotes from alphonse Elric, The Armored Alchemist

I am the cursed wormy arm! No, wait… uh… I am the cursed Demon Armor! Once your body has become one with my steel, you will lose all emotion and become a warrior of death, for I will take your soul!

Put the gun down. You can shoot if you want, but I won’t die.

… And this is the first time anyone’s treated me like luggage.

Who are you calling a freak?

You’re empty inside…

I may be empty… but I’m not worthless!

You know, I didn’t ask to be this big.

Alphonse Elric FMA Anime Quotes, as a Brother

alphonse Elric FMA anime quotes about his brother
Quotes from alphonse Elric with his brother

Believe you?! How am I supposed to believe anything when I’m stuck in this body? What should I believe in – my memories?! Memories are just scrubs of information that can be made up as easily as anything else!!

Great, Ed. Put your total cynicism on someone else…

Hmm? What do we have here? What an oddly good hand of cards! UHHH! ED! YOU CHEATER! COME BACK! I WANT EVERYTHING YOU WON FROM ME! AND I THOUGHT I WAS JUST UNLUCKY!

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Alphonse Elric FMA Anime Quotes, Al being Al

alphonse Elric FMA anime quotes about himself
Quotes from alphonse Elric about his daily life

On the day we left, we burned down the family home and all the familiar things inside. Because some memories… aren’t meant to leave traces.

Is money all that grown-ups think about?

I can’t really go into it right now, execpt to say that… all this “eye for an eye” stuff… it’s never going to work. So, please, stop fighting each other.

That’s the first time anyone has treated me like a kid since I’ve been in this armor! Thank you!

No fair, sky. I’m the one who feels like crying.

I could…I could never hate you!

Stay back! You can’t tell me what to do!