12 Powerful Quotes From The Godfather of Manga World, Osamu Tezuka

Tezuka Quotes about Manga and Comic

Osamu Tezuka Qoutes about MangaManga is virtual. Manga is sentiment. Manga is resistance. Manga is bizarre. Manga is pathos. Manga is destruction. Manga is arrogance. Manga is love. Manga is kitsch. Manga is sense of wonder. Manga is … there is no conclusion yet.

Comics are an international language, they can cross boundaries and generations. Comics are a bridge between all cultures.

I don’t consider them pictures… In reality I’m not drawing. I’m writing a story with a unique type of symbol.

Now we are living in the age of comics as air.

Tezuka Quotes about Human Life

Osamu Tezuka Quotes about Life

My teacher said once that every man faces seven enemies in his lifetime. Sickness, hunger, betrayal, envy, greed, old age, and then death. What is one man’s life compared to the eternity of time and space? No more than a snowflake that glitters in the sun for a moment before melting into the flow of time.

Coincidence doesn’t happen a third time.

Where there is ignorance, sickness will thrive.

By nature, it’s impossible to describe enlightenment! How do you plan on sharing your enlightenment? Hahaha, that’s impossible. Wake up! That’ll be the end of the world if you ever succeed!

Human beings wear clothing and walk upright, but when you take that away, we’re nothing but monkeys.

A life must be saved as long as it can be no matter whose it is.

I can cheat fear today – but won’t it return tomorrow? Rather, I must embrace this fear… and find peace in its bosom.