30 Powerful Dragon Ball Anime Quotes from Frieza

There are three things I refuse to tolerate. Cowardice. Bad haircuts, and military insurrection. And it is unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these.

I doubt I need an introduction, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza and yes, all the horrible stories you’ve heard are true.

[Talking to Zarbon about Dodoria] Forget him. If he isn’t capable of dealing with two puny pests and a baby Namek, then I don’t want him back. Continue your search for the last two dragonballs.

[About Vegeta] Miserable Saiyan monkey.

Crazy Quotes from Frieza
Frieza in His 1st Form

Take note Zarbon. Because you can expect the same to happen to you if you don’t find out where that dragonball is. Do you understand? That is the price of careless mistakes. You had better hope for your sake that Vegeta is alive.

You should’ve gone in after him Zarbon. Now we can’t confirm anything just because you didn’t want to get wet. That’s careless. And, it was careless to try and kill Vegeta before you even questioned him. How do you know he hadn’t already found a dragonball and hidden it?

[Talking about Goku] Vegeta isn’t the only one that concerns me…there are others.

These Saiyans are proving to be quite a thorn in my side. It seems the more they fight, the stronger they become. Of course, I’m still much more powerful than they are, but if they keep multiplying their strength, then who knows what they might be capable of in the future. Best to eliminate them now, before they get any stronger.

[To Zarbon] You’d better, because if you don’t find him (Vegeta) within the hour, you’ll wish you’d never been born!

It’s quite simple Captain Ginyu. Your mission is to recover my dragonballs and bring me Vegeta!

Once I have the dragonballs, it will make a nice fireworks display to celebrate my immortality. Ah yes, I’ll write the name of Frieza in lights across the galaxy.

[When Ginyu trying to dance] Uh, Ginyu, if you value your life…stop.

Before you begin your pathetic struggle to survive, I should warn you. Your chance of winning is nonexistent.

Observe. My left hand…it’s strength alone is enough to crush you like the little bug you are, so as a special one time bonus, today, I will fight you while my other hand is behind my back. So now that we’ve got the ground rules settled, shall we begin?

[To his scouter communicator] Ginyu Force, this is Frieza! Come in! Over! What…no! This can’t be! Where are my soldiers? Why aren’t they showing up on my scouter!? There’s no way Vegeta and those miserable little punks could take down the entire Ginyu Force! If they’re sleeping on the job, I will make them pay!

So you are the ones. Naughty. I don’t see how three shrimps and a burnt out Saiyan managed to defeat the Ginyu Force, but now it’s your turn. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt too bad. Really. Death is my specialty.

[To Vegeta] There doesn’t seem to be any power readings for the Ginyu Force. So it is true. Heh heh heh heh heh. Somehow, you wimps have managed to destroy the most elite fighting team in the universe. Ha ha. What a farce. I only wish that I could’ve been there to see the look on Ginyu’s face. Ha ha ha ha ha. What do ya say we get started…I know you are all anxious to resolve this dispute once and for all. I always knew that you would turn on me someday, Vegeta, but I never knew when. Now, I see that you were just waiting for the stakes to get high enough before you played your hand. A valiant effort but in the end it just didn’t work, now did it? I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your little rebellion, because now its over my restless little warriors. Now you die. I should’ve done this a long time ago. You ruined everything you little scumbag. How dare you stick your nose in my affairs? I could’ve been immortal. I hate you!

Oh, you rude little ruffian. Please. I don’t choose my real form because my power is too radical to control. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

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Frieza 1st Transformation (2nd Form)

Oh, alright. Heh, I’ll bare it all. Heck, why not? Well, strap yourselves in. You’re in for one heck of a ride. Ha ha. Oh, and Vegeta, I want you to know that any remote chance you once had of winning is about to go flying out the window. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I think it would be nice for somebody to give me a countdown.

Vegeta, it pains me to see you going through this. What a waste. I favored you so much. Why couldn’t you just continue to obey me?

The pain that you have caused me…I will return it ten-fold!

[Talking about Gohan] Don’t look so surprised Vegeta! I’ll be right with you, but first I must exterminate the mighty midget.

[To Piccolo] I suggest you go about your business Namekian. As of yet, I haven’t decided to kill you, but I’m real close. Now go before its too late. Please, it would ease my conscience knowing that I spared one of you.

You are quite the comedian Vegeta. If only the rest of your Saiyan people were around to see the brave prince Vegeta now, huh? But, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…that really doesn’t matter, because I’ve got you cornered like a frightened little mouse. Oh, don’t worry, dear prince, I’m going to save you until I’ve taken care of your little Namek friend.

[About his 2nd transformation] Well, it looks like the tables have turned again my friend, and this time for the last time. So, are you ready for a taste of your demise? Because it’s coming up right now.

Vegeta, face it. To fight with me is futile and useless. Just wake up. You’re blind and delusional. You keep going on about being a Super Saiyan, but it’s just a myth Vegeta. I’ve never seen one, have you? You’re such a chump. Heh heh.

[To Goku] I’ve never met a sentimental Saiyan before. It’ll be your downfall.

[To Goku] Well, I’ve got to hand it to you. You’re the first one who’s ever hurt me besides my loving parents that is. Hm. It’s been so long since I felt pain. It’s such a strange sensation. What a rare case he is.

Anime Quotes from Frieza
Frieza in His Final Transformation

[About his final transformation] Don’t be glum. You should actually be flattered. I’ve never had to summon this much of my power to defeat someone. Fifty percent of my maximum. That’s all that’s required for this.

[Talking about Goku] Something is strange about this warrior. How does a Saiyan have such incredible power? They are, after all, inferior creatures. I’ve never met a figher with that kind of strength. Grrr…I must take him out now.