66 Homunculus Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Quotes, The 7 Deadly Sins

Deadly Sin, Lust. Homunculus That Attract You

You humans are such sad and weak, foolish creatures.

Look at them all. Humans are foolish beyond salvation.

To get something, you evidently have to take it away from somebody else. In order to achieve anything in life, you inevitably have to take it from someone else… That is what any honest adult knows

You shouldn’t seek all the answers; believe me. You may not like what you find..

Maybe you are right. Where did I come from and where will I go? When I die? Maybe all this time that is what I wanted: the freedom to find out.

Philosophical Quotes from FMA Anime
Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Lust and Wrath

Have you ever wondered where we came from… or where we go after we’re dead?

The thought keeps rising like a bubble to the top of my mind. Where did I come from? Where will I go?

Where did I come from? Where will I go? Not for me to know.

You killed me. I hate losing. But there worse ways to die than at the hands of a man like you. I love how cold and focused your eyes are. I look forward to the day when those eyes will be wide with agony. It’s coming. It’s coming…

Memories…of the people we were. They’re subtle but they’re real. It took me a lot of time to understand what I saw… Books say we shouldn’t have memories. Or at least they’re only the memories and emotions of the alchemists who made us; that we see. But they’re wrong…Those memories are mine.

Deadly Sin, Greed. Homunculus that Wants Everything

About 130 years, I’d say. Let me break this down, nice and simple. You can either remain in here as lab rats or you can come with me to bring hell to those above us. Your choice. I’m only asking once!

Unfortunately I’m greedy as can be. I want your life too, Wrath.

There’s no such thing as no such thing.

They don’t call me Greed for nothing! I want money! Women! Status! And power! I want everything this world’s selling and eternity is topping the list! Understand?

I want everything you can possibly imagine. I want money and women, power and sex, status, glory! I demand the finer things in life!

Shut your worthless trap, ugly.

I disagree. You want to bring back someone that you’ve lost. You might want money. Maybe you want women. Or, you might want to protect the world. These are all common things people want. Things that their hearts desire. Greed may not be good, but it’s not so bad, either. You humans think greed is just for money and power! But everyone wants something they don’t have.

I’m greedy as hell, only out for myself….

[Ling]- SOLDIERS! If you have a family go home! If you don’t wish to get hurt leave NOW! [Greed]- OH YEAH! and Ladies! I dont fight girls, I’m just not that type of guy!

We homunculi, we’re born when an alchemist tries to recreate life. We are weakened when we are close to the remains of whomever it was the alchemist tries to resurrect. That is the homunculi’s weak point. That’s how we can be killed. Understand? And not come back.

Deadly Sin, Envy. Homunculus That Jealous With Others

I’ve come to kill him! Take me to Hohenheim of light! Hey, what are you doing? Stop messing with me! You do as I tell you!! You’re taking me to see Hohenheim! To that bastard! To my father!!!

Edward Elric. I’ve been looking for you! Did you miss me?! Take me to Hohenheim! To our father!!!

[To Wrath] What’s wrong with you!? How could you let that bastard go after what he did?!! You should’ve yanked his spine out of his mouth! It’s not too late to kill him, so get to it!

The question is, are you going to work with us – if not, the village is history. Lust told me about your arrangement; as long as we agree to leave the village alone, you’ll do whatever we ask. Which is it? Agree to work with us, and kill everyone in this country, or, refuse to work with us and watch every one in your beloved village die? Fool, you just have to forsake one little village to save an entire country. Too bad you don’t have the stomach to do the logical thing. Ha ha, I shouldn’t be surprised, that’s just how all you humans are, you put emotion before common sense. I killed a man who was like that once. All I had to do was make myself look like his wife and he was helpless – he couldn’t even fight me! You humans are so easy to take advantage of. Lucky us.

THAT’S ENOUGH! You should have just done as you were told, but if you scum really wanna test me, then I’ll show WHO’S IN CHARGE!

Really? And what about your sick games? Don’t kid yourself, Mustang, you know how humans love to watch other people suffer while making fools of themselves. I mean, why else would you constantly be at war with each other?

Hah Moron? Tell me who the real moron is here, because I don’t think it’s me! I prefer to use that term for someone who falls for a cheap trick like this! Ha ha! You should see your face! Oh, you’re not gonna believe this, but that was the same look on Hughes’ face when I shot him! The utter shock, the dumb confusion! You could see every emotion he felt as his own wife shot him! It, was, GREAT!

Envy Anime Quotes
Envy, Homunculus that Jealous with Others

Are you a moron? Some nice, flowery words and feigned empathy?! You make me sick to my stomach! Are you humans always such pathetic worms?! Why can’t you just listen to your gut and do what you want to? Colonel Mustang, have you forgotten? Your pal, Scar, here was going to kill you! And what’s more, wasn’t he the one who killed the parents of the pipsqueak’s girly friend? Oh, yeah! And what about that little girl who became a chimera? Scar was responsible for her death, too! And as for you! Have you completely forgotten your hatred for they did to your Ishvalan countrymen? And then, this woman! She has the arrogance to claim the sight of a hawk; she shot your buddies left and right! You’ll never get another chance! This is the perfect time! The ultimate opportunity! Hate them and weep! Kill and be killed! Fight each other! Grovel in the dirt! How could you four hope to team up? You’re way beyond the point of kissing and making up! Right, pipsqueak? Right, Hawkeye? Mustang? Scar? There’s no way. No. No, you can’t! Never! NEVER! It’s impossible! How could you? How could you do it? HOW!?

Damn! Dammit! Dammit! I’ve been humiliated! HUMILIATED! Me, Envy, Jealous of you? A human?! I’m a homunculus! How could this pipsqueak kid see through me? It’s the ultimate humiliation!

I guess we’ll how long this adorable little alliance of yours can kill then! Ah well, best of luck with that, pipsqueak!

Deadly Sin, Gluttony. Voracious Homunculus

Come on, Lust, isn’t it time you let me eat the old preacher?

Can I eat him now?

Foolish! Foolish!

He looks delicious.

It’s him, Lust. It’s him!

I’ll kill them! Let me! Let me, please!

Lust? Wheres my Lust?

I hate you! I hate you for hurting my Lust!

Come look, Come look. Death. Death. Soon they will all be dead.

Deadly Sin, Pride. Arrogant Homunculus, Feeling High and Mighty

You ask my name? It’s Pride, and I was the first Homunculus.

Wrath and the like do not exist inside me. There is no wrath, or lust, or sloth, or greed, or gluttony, or envy, such emotions have fled from my father. My name is Pride.

I’m not angry, I’m never angry.

Pride Anime Quotes
Quotes from Homunculus Pride

So what!? Don’t try to force your flawed human logic on us! I’ve made my bet.

What was it you were always saying? That you wanted to see which way the world would choose? And here you are, dying like a pathetic wreck. It must be humiliating.

Really? Is that your plan? Your stature has lead you to prove your worth by always fighting those who are larger than you. So then, you don’t exactly have much experience in fighting those who are smaller than you.

Ah, this should make things much easier, I can practically smell movement you make. I could do without the ravenous hunger, but I suppose I’ll just have to secede it. Oh wait…I recognize that scent. You’re somewhere close by aren’t you? Hohenheim?

They may well be tenacious creatures, but humans are easy to dupe.

One can be sure, in this world, humans are of little consequence.

Stop this. Stop this. PLEASE STOP!!! (While dying)

Deadly Sin, Wrath. Angry Homunculus

Either because of love or out of foolish curiosity, human transmutations are attempted. And when these attempts all backfire, a different life is created. A being that has its own body and mind, but no soul. That is how the damned are born. That is a homunculus!

Let me get this straight, you think surrendering, and offering yourself will stop the war? How arrogant. The life of each human is worth one, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

My life was lived on the rails that were laid down for me…but thanks to you humans, it was…to some degree, a good life…one worth living.

Is that all being human means… that you can die? Then, why do I want to become one, so bad?

Why must everyone make such a fuss over the death of a single soldier? The moment a soldier dons his uniform, he accepts the reality that he might be buried in it.

God you say? Now this is intriguing, how much longer do you think your ‘God’ plans to wait before unleashing his fury? Just how many more thousands of lives must I take before he decides to strike me down?

Open your eyes. ‘God’ is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order. If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not ‘God’s’.”

[To Lan Fan] Stop throwing around words like “love” and “sorrow.” You know nothing. She’s the woman I chose. We didn’t need such meaningless words to understand each other. That, is what it means to be the wife of the Fuhrer.

Do they really expect me to make a complete mockery of myself by entering through the back door of my own Palace?

There is something poetic about two nameless men fighting to the death.

Deadly Sin, Sloth. Trisha Elric Back to Life

Edward… Why couldn’t you make me right?

That’s why I have to kill you, so I can prove this identity is false… Because no real mother would kill her own sons. As long as you children are alive, these memories will torment me trying to make me into this human…

It hurts Edward… That’s very clever, but you are going to need more than that.

[To Edward while dying] You have done well. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

[To Edward] Eventhough I am not your mother, if I was… I might love you.

No matter what you do, I won’t die.

I remember being a mother with endless emotions, now I have NONE…

Sloth Anime Quotes
Sloth in Trisha Elric Form